Video Analysis Coaching

VBFC offers a unique opportunity for players aspiring to players analyzed and broken down by professionals.. Watching video is a key element to understanding yourself as a player and developing your understanding of the game.

Our coaches & analysts will watch your footage, note, clip, draw, and share coaching tips on the key moments of a game using the application vLoop. Through the apps technology, our coaches have the ability to have two-way conversations on specific moments of video to offer greater technical, tactical & positional understanding. 


Personal Video Analysis of your Games:

Game Performance Analysis: By using the screen draw tools, and conversation functionality within modern technology tools, we offer detailed specific advice on tactical positioning, decision making, speed of play, technical proficiency, as well as all the little details that show up through video on and off the ball. vLoop offers a two-way dialogue feature making it easy to ask and answer questions on specific plays/clips. 

Highlight Tapes

Video has become the first step in scouting. We help you put together the best clips and package it as professionally as could be done. Videos are an essential tool in recruiting for college & professional opportunities. VBFC & partners help facilitate the process by creating sharp, unique and stylized videos that will give coaches the best means of seeing your game.