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SUNDAY APRIL 14th | Estadio de dogtown


This Sunday, the best team in the MLS LAFC, will visit Venice Beach FC at their home of the Estadio de Dogtown for their first ever visit. The Day after their home game against FC Cincinnatti, First team players and the LAFC Supporters will be heading to Dogtown to spend the day with the local club.

This event will celebrate two football communities coming together for a special day of youth pick and adult pick up, a marquee VBFC Academy vs. LAFC Academy game, a boardwalk march by the 3252 Supporters Group, LAFC 1st Team appearances by Mark Anthony Kaye & Lee Nguyen, DJs, and prizes/giveaways.



Sunday // 04.14.19


10:30am - 11:00am

3252 MARCH to the estadio

LAFC Supporters, expo Originals, 3252, amongst others will be descending on the estadio in a epic march down ocean front walk siging and chanting along the way.

11:00am - 2pm

Open Pick Up Games Youth & Adult

There will be 2 courts available for everyone to enjoy sunday pickup from 11am-2pm. There will be a youth court and adult court with referees. Best Goals and MVP’s will receive prizes throughout the day.


VBFC Academy vs. lafc academy

the VBFC Academy will take on LAFC’s Academy teams with players born in 07,08,09. this match will be a first of its kind ever held in venice. These games will feature some of the city’s finest youth talent.



The VBFC senior team will take on a team compromised of some of LAFC’s top supporters. There will be a massive push of peer pressure to get First team players to play depending on the game the night before.


Closing Ceremonies

Usual Sunday Pickup at the Estadio till the sun goes down.


IF you would like to participate in the pickup portion of this event, either in the adult or the youth games, you must register below. Please fill out the form below.

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THE MAIN EVENT: 2:00pm-3:00pm

COME OUT AND SUPPORT your local football club as the VBFC youth compete against the giants of the LAFC academy. this marquee moment for the community is an opportunity to rally behind some of the neighborhoods best talent - players that we have been working with and developing over the last few years in our very backyard. . We want to drum up a proper venice community supporters group to rally behind our boys. Regardless of outcome, this is a watershed moment for the club, for the youth, and for the community. Never before has an mls academy team played at the estadio de dogtown in a friendly competition aginst venice beach fc. We want to make this as memorable as possible for these kids - so come through with the energy and make this a day we will never forget.