Dogtown, California.

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  Bring your talents to the beach and play against top players on the courts of Dogtown. We've seen local talents, current & former professionals, collegiate,MLS academy players, and some of the best players in LA show up consistently to ball by the beach. 

 It does not take much research to discover that the world’s top players all have one thing in common: players master their craft in the hours of unstructured play of pickup games that take place daily in their neighborhood or streets. 



Everything I have achieved in football is due to playing football in the streets with my friends - ZIDANE



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We post game times & locations on our social.


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Add your information below, and we'll contact you and let you know when & where we will be holding our private invitation only games. We play futsal, beach, and games on the field. From this community of players, we will be holding unique playing experiences in unique locations, creating teams to play in tournaments & events, and growing the movement of street soccer in LA. 

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Stadium by the sea

Estadio De Dogtown



1800 Ocean Front Walk

Venice, California. 90291


Artwork by nicholas santhiago