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oakwood soccer league 

Homegrown Footballers. 

Venice Beach FC's Oakwood Soccer League is a local youth level league set up for entry-level players aged 3-10 years old. These sessions take place at Oakwood Recreation Center in Venice. This 8 week seasonal league is designed to introduce youth players to the fundamentals of the game, positive team dynamics, and create a positive introduction to the sport. 

introduction to technique

Players learn to pass, dribble, receive, and shoot the ball while developing coordination and spacial awareness.  

Learning how to play

Players learn how to play in small-sided games of 1-v-1 and 2-v-2 and full-sided 5-v-5 games to introduce them to the principles of attacking/defending, team-play and competition.  

Game days

Players are split into different teams and play 4v4 & 5v5, learning how to work within a team dynamic. Games will be focused on creating a game day environment that promotes education and teamwork for a long term relationship with the sport instead of results and score lines. 



8 Weeks | Sept. 3rd-Oct. 26th


Oakwood Rec. Center 767 California Ave. Venice 90291

Players ages

Youngers: 3-6 years | Olders: 7-10 years

Tuesday Training SchedulE

Youngers: 4-5pm | Olders: 5-6pm

Saturday Game Day Schedule

Youngers: 10-11am | Olders: 11-12pm

VBFC’s Oakwood Soccer League Fall 2019 will be our 6th season at Oakwood Rec. Center. This fall we will offer more staff and greater resources to continue to improve the player experience within Venice Beach FC. This program offers a progressive development system for players aged 3-10,, who are grouped into 3-4s, 5-6s, 7-8s, and 9-10s. This program is open to players of all levels and abilities. This Fall, VBFC Olders age group players will complete in the City League, which will put our 7-8s and 9-10s against other Rec. Programs in the City..

For families with two or more players enter VBFC-FAMILY for our sibling discount.

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Oakwood Soccer League: Fall 2019
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Age Group Information


3-4 Year Old Groups

Our 3-4 year old group is lead by staff that is skilled in teaching the game and trained in early childhood development. At this age we work to introduce young players to the game in a fun and very engaging environment. Children are familiarized with the ball and are inspired through fun soccer based activities, learning how to use their feet to play.

5-6 Year Old Groups

Our 5-6 year old groups is introduced to proper technique and how to work within a team dynamic. Competitive games that inspire players to work with one another and put forth effort are an important component in this age group. Players begin to learn the basics of controlling, dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball. 

7-8 Year Old Groups

Our 7-8 year old groups begin to really hone in on their technique so that the basics of the game become familiar and they are ready to apply them to game-like situations. We work on attacking and defensive concepts, while teaching them how to play effectively with their teammates. In this age group we begin teaching them how to properly utilize their spacing. This age group begins to compete in the Rec & Parks City League to put their learning into practice in competitive games.

9-10 Year Old Group

Our oldest age group in the Oakwood Soccer League is held to a higher standard in their training habits, and we work to polish their technique and impart on them the essential components to be a strong competitive player. This group trains in a more professional and demanding environment, while maintaining an emphasis on finding joy in the game. Our 9-10s compete within the Rec & Parks City League across Los Angeles representing VBFC and our home of Oakwood.


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