Futsal Club Sessions


VBFC Futsal Club is a weekly futsal training experience held at Oakwood Rec. Center in Venice, CA. Futsal Club was designed to create a new and inspiring environment for youth footballers in Los Angeles. Led by player/coaches, futsal club is a demanding indoor soccer session focused on developing creativity,  fast-play and skills.This session is played 4 v. 4 pick-up style, which creates a naturally competitive environment, and allows players to self-manage and play without being over-coached or over-pressured. Each session contains a technical/tactical training component, and a speed, agility and quickness component.

futsal club spring 2019

Dates: Saturdays | April 13th-June 1st

Location: Oakwood Rec. center | Venice, CA

Dates: Saturdays | April 13th-June 1st

Location: Oakwood Rec. center | 767 California Ave, Venice, CA

Intro CLASS | 4-5pm

Boys 09 | 5-6pm

Boys 08 | 6-7pm

Boys 07/06 | 7-8pm



The Game of Futsal

 Futsal is a variation of football played indoors in a 5 v. 5 or 4 v. 4 format. The game is played on a hardcourt and requires indoor shoes. Popularized and played at all levels in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Spain, futsal is recognized now as a proven-driver for player development. In the United States, the U.S. Soccer Federation has made futsal mandatory in the US Soccer Development Academy Program. In small sided games like futsal, players must be more creative and think quicker. 


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