Kylian Mbappé Joins Pickup


Mbappé at the Estadio De Dogtown



By 4:00PM on June 16th, word was out that this was a special day of pickup on the horizon. Layers of people completely surrounded the court as the local crew were battling it out. A week before, we heard there was a chance that World Cup Winner, PSG/France’s frontman Kylian Mbappé might stop by to play. Excitement, anticipation and joy filled the air at and created a truly amazing atmosphere at Estadio de Dogtown as everyone waited for the arrival of Kylian.

The anticipation soon turned to sheer awe and amazement when Mbappe arrived and took to the court. Four of our top youth prospects had the opportunity to play against and alongside Mbappe in an experience they will cherish forever.  His play, flicks and tricks were all amazing to see for any soccer fan and having a sideline view of this was captivating for the whole crowd. However, it seemed that his aura, presence and charismatic character are what drew everyone in most. 

VBFC takes prides in giving back to its community and creating a safe environment for young boys and girls in Venice to achieve their soccer dreams. Mbappe, at just 20 years old has already one a World Cup, became the second most expensive player ever in the world, won the 2018/19 French league player of the year, and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a charity that helps disabled children be active participants in sport, which is what made this collaboration and visit all the more fulfilling. Two groups giving back to help the youth in the future.


Photography by Devin Lamoreaux (@devinlamoreaux)

tim walsh