VBFC Youth Compete In (And Win) First Ever Futsal Championships


On December 29th, 2018, VBFC youth would compete in their first ever organized tournament, representing Venice.

Every major club in world football owes a large part (if not all of) their success to the quality of the players, coaching and curriculum of their youth system. The common denominator at legendary youth academies around the world – this includes FC Barcelona's "La Masia", Ajax's "De Toekomst" – is always the prioritization of player development over championships or trophies. For all of us at Venice Beach Football Club, the Oakwood Rec Center provides the setting for that growth and development to take place.

The feeling and sense of pride one has in representing their community's hometown club is truly special. Lessons learned in training at a young age can, quite literally, determine a player's path in this game. In the best youth academies across the world of soccer, young players are challenged both on and off the field. The expectations of professionalism, dedication and a consistent work ethic are balanced by a healthy environment and atmosphere. It's always about what is best for players, and ultimately for the club. At the Oakwood Rec Center, players have been immersed every Saturday in a professional environment that encourages them to take responsibility for their development, challenge themselves and have fun doing it. Once they arrive at Oakwood, they are free from their club/academy team environments. They're playing and competing to better themselves. No trophies. No championships. Just the desire to get better.

For the tournament, coaches, parents and players travelled south to Irvine, CA carrying the reputation of the city on the backs. Most had never played futsal before, and many had never played with each other. But the work had been done. Both Teams boys 08 & 09 walked away champions against some of southern California’s top futsal programs, giving VBFC their first ever youth trophies.

Venice is proud of you boys.

Dillon Chapman