FC Barcelona Come to Dogtown







July 27th, 2018 marked history in Venice for local football. We had the privilege to host the one and only FC BARCELONA as they visited Los Angeles during their preseason US Tour. The Venice Rec Center was turned into a mini stadium to host competitions and clinics by some of FC Barcelona's academy coaches for VBFC Youth. Though there was competitions taking place such as LAFC vs. Barca Academy and VBFC First Team vs. The Barca WOmen's teams, The day had vibes more of a celebration of FC Barcelona taking over Dogtown than anything else. With a busy crowd the whole day of true Barca faithful, fans took any chance they could to grab a photo and autograph from legendary FCB & Spanish midfielder LUIS Garcia, who was on hand the whole day coaching and playing.

Another Legend on hand was Venice's very own Stu Holden. Fresh off a plane from Russia commentating for the FIFA World Cup all summer, the former US national team player showed why he was feared by opposition in the English premier league. With a crowd of Barca fans and the VBFC community on hand, Stu lit the mini turf field up with nutmegs and precise passing, as VBFC Venice youth watched on to take in each touch. 


Local legends were not limited to those on the field. Venice artist Gustavo Zemenjo Jr. created a masterpiece with his painting of the contrasting stadiums of the Estadio De Dogtown and the Camp Nou, Barcelona's home ground. Even FC Barcelona's  Club Vice President Jordi Cardoner enjoyed the artwork and events on the day. This was truly a special day for the local community, and we look forward to FCB returning to the US in 2020.

tim walsh