Athlete developmenT


VBFC Athlete Development is a soccer-specific strength, speed, and performance program designed to educate, prepare and develop high-level soccer players.

players learn how to develop their athleticism and become stronger, faster, quicker & less injury prone,  It is designed for players 15+ playing with local club, academy, collegiate, and semi/professional teams.

These groups are comprised of the most motivated, dedicated, and serious players that know what kind of work is required to get to the top. The talent and group dynamic allow players to push past their own limitations and comforts. 


  • Soccer Specific Strength

  • Speed, Agility, Quickness and Reaction Training

  • Mobility, Flexibility, and Pre-hab Excerises

  • Pre-match Prep

  • Post-match Recovery

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Player Self Management


athlete development summer 2019

The Summer Athlete Development program is run at Deuce Gym in Venice, California Monday and Wednesday, and on Fridays at Venice Beach or on-field. The environment and culture of Athlete Development groups are demanding, motivating and rewarding. Each player will come out equipped with increased physical strength and speed, a stronger mentality, and more confidence heading into their seasons.



Athletes 14+ Years old (high school, college, semi-pro, pro)


June: June 17-28

July: July 1-31

 August: August 2-9


Monday | Deuce Gym 10am-11:30am

Wednesday | Deuce Gym 10am 11:30am

Friday | Muscle Beach 11am-12pm


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Athlete Development: Summer 2019
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What the players are saying:

From my personal experiences, I have become more athletic and explosive in my performance, but most importantly I have become more confident in my ability as a player to make an impact on the field. With a high professional background in soccer, there’s always something new to learn every training session.
— Kasra Hadavi, FCLA B2000 
The VBFC Athlete Development program seriously helped my physical improvement over the past summer. The program especially helped my strength and conditioning to prepare me for ID camps. I feel stronger and ready heading into next season.
— Matt McGoningle, SMU B2000